Spring 2013

Thesis I: Words

As an artist statement writing exercise for my BFA Seminar class my professor instructed us to come up with a list of 10-15 words that describe our work. After compiling the list of key words we had to look up each word in the thesaurus and come up with a subsequent list of synonyms. Below is my list of words as well as some comparative words that have helped me to better understand my work.

Craft: feminine craft, trade, skill, workmanship, ability

Tactile: touchable, material, palpable, physical, solid, tangible

Tangible: concrete, real, actual, discernible

Cross-Disciplinary: Discipline: field of study, specialty, area, subject of interest

Material/Materiality: matter, substance, medium, element, component


Jewelry: adornment, ornamentation

Material Exploration: experimentation, investigation, inquiry, enquiry, research, study, analysis, inspection, test, study

Garment: clothing, apparel, attire, garb, appearance, clothe

Textile/Fiber:  cloth, fabric, material,

Wear: attire vs. Ware: pottery

Fabricate: assemble construct, model, produce, formulate, shape, compose

Handmade vs. Machine Fabrication

Handmade: handcrafted, handicraft, homemade, homespun

Machine Fabrication: mass produced, machine made, manufactured

Homely vs. Clean

Homely: handedness

Clean: crisp, edited, neat, orderly, well groomed

Pattern vs. Plainness

Pattern: tessellation, motif, marking, ornament, decoration, mosaic, montage, patchwork

Plainness: unadorned, homely, homespun, pure, matter of fact

Function vs. Frivolity

Function: utility, purpose, role, duty, goal, usefulness

Frivolity: superficiality, shallowness, pointless,trivial, unimportant

Maker vs. Wearer

Maker: creator, constructor, artisan, fabricator, producer, craftsperson, skilled worker, designer, couturier

Biomorphic vs. Static

Biomorphic: amorphic,baggy, irregular, unshaped, asymmetrical

Static: stationary, motionless, at rest, lifeless

Fragile vs. Strong

Fragile: breakable, dainty, delicate, brittle [Cleave: divide, fragment, break, shatter]…antonym = pliable or bendable

Strong: durable, hardwearing, heavy-duty, we made, long lasting





3 comments on “Thesis I: Words

  1. claygal999
    February 26, 2013

    Hi Alexis! Your list of synonyms are great.. I didn’t try this exercise with my themes, but I think I will… somebody has a thesis show to name and this actually could be fun!

  2. Julianna Brazill
    February 26, 2013

    I’m totally into the way you have formulated these ideas by pitting them against one another. The whole “this versus that” format is an interesting way to determine form. Maybe you could create a mind map that connects all of them somehow, that way you can discover new connections and develop these concepts further! Exciting stuff.

  3. bmurphy39
    February 27, 2013

    The idea of creating a situation that plays with the dichotomy of these tensions is interesting. By identifying themes that you want to work with, you can seek to find the overlap of two polarities, use them in a juxtapositional manner to emphasize their differences, or simply shed light on the continuum itself to make a bigger conceptual statement. Binaries are excellent opportunities to create metaphor in your work, so I question how pervasive you want such themes to be. If you are looking to create work with design-oriented tensions, maybe such things are irrelevant. From a purely aesthetic perspective, how could you create opposing tensions that are formally, not content, based?

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