Spring 2013

Francis Bitonti – “Dita’s Gown”

Francis A. Bitonti is a designer and researcher based in New York. Currently Francis is the founding principal of Francis Bitonti Studio, an interdisciplinary design studio working across scales and … Continue reading

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Leanie van der Vyver

Last Thursday I had a group critique with some people from my BFA Seminar class. The group was diverse, a painting major, two photography majors, a graphic design major and … Continue reading

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Frame Loom Weaving 101

Eager as I am, I bought some cotton yarn this weekend and began my first weaving sample this morning. The selection of yarn was extremely limited considering I wanted a … Continue reading

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Weaving For Dummies

In recent months I’ve become mildly obsessed with contemporary and historic weaving. I cant decide if it’s the colors, the textures, the patterns, the cultural variations, or that pesky ‘craft’ … Continue reading

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Theo Jansen

Dutch artist Theo Jansen has been working for 16 years to create sculptures that move on their own in eerily lifelike ways.¬†Each generation of his “Strandbeests” is subject to the … Continue reading

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Li Hongbo

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