Spring 2013

Maori Cloaks

Cloaks by the Maori people of New Zealand, late 19th century Wool, textile, peacock feathers & feathers Flax & chicken feathers Flax, feathers &  cotton Wool, flax & feathers Wool & … Continue reading

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Sue Lawty

Lead, woven lead strips hammered, 2009 ‘I seek an understated restraint, balance, tension, rhythm: an essential stillness’ The work is rooted in an emotional, spiritual and physical engagement with the … Continue reading

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New Friends

Valley Hills, cotton twine, wools & plant dyed wool from Catskill Merino Sheep Farm New Friends is Alexandra Segreti (Weird Friends) and Kelly Rakowski (Nothing is New). Alex and Kelly … Continue reading

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Michael Cina

Rest in My Side, acrylic on paper, 12″x14.5″ Michael Cina is an accomplished Creative Director that is currently leading the multi- disciplinary design studio, Michael Cina Associates. Michael is widely known … Continue reading

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