Spring 2013

Mika Barr

“Studio Mikabarr is a textile and print design studio based in Tel Aviv, Israel. The studio, by Mika Barr, develops and creates unique 3D textiles and textile- based products in … Continue reading

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Anni Albers

Anni Albers, “Material as Metaphor’” in Selected Writings on Design: “How do we choose out specific material, our means of communication? “Accidentally.” Something speaks to us, a sound, a touch, … Continue reading

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Decided to scan some of my weaving samples as well as some line drawings I made based on the linear weaving pattern. These exercises are for the surface treatments of … Continue reading

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Frame Loom Weaving 101

Eager as I am, I bought some cotton yarn this weekend and began my first weaving sample this morning. The selection of yarn was extremely limited considering I wanted a … Continue reading

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Elisa Strozyk

Elisa Strozyk‘s Wooden Textiles are a manifestation of how waste can be the source of a new process of creativity and innovation.  While attending the Central Saint Martins London to … Continue reading

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Garden State

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Maori Cloaks

Cloaks by the Maori people of New Zealand, late 19th century Wool, textile, peacock feathers & feathers Flax & chicken feathers Flax, feathers &  cotton Wool, flax & feathers Wool & … Continue reading

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Black Mountain College

Black Mountain College Photographic Gallery Cover of photographic brochure “Black Mountain College, Black Mountain, North Carolina.” 1937-1939 Connie Spencer, BMC student 1940-1942 Miriam “Mimi” French, BMC student 1939-1944 Jackie Tankersley … Continue reading

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Images from Ikats: Woven Silks from Central Asia, The Rau Collection Woman in Bokhara, c.1880 “Ikat fabric was used for centuries in the traditional garments and furnishings of Central Asian peoples … Continue reading

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Quilt Blocks

Images from: 849 Traditional Patchwork Patterns: A Pictorial Handbook by Susan Winder Mills

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