Spring 2013

Reinterpreting the Tile

Last week I dropped a tiny hint in my Islamic Tiles – Part 1 post about a new idea I’ve been exploring for my thesis. In my exploration of binaries, one … Continue reading

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My ring prototype arrived in the mail this weekend from Shapeways. It fits my ring finger comfortably but I’m more of a middle-finger ring-wearer so I’d like to size it … Continue reading

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Susannah Mira

Susannah Mira’s work alters and re-contextualizes common objects and environments, giving form to issues raised by the promises of progress. The resultant sculptural installations rely on recognizable structures in uncommon … Continue reading

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Finally designed some tiles…

This past week I realized that I was wasting a lot of time drawing and redrawing potential patterns for my tile/garment project so I finally chose an arrangement and went … Continue reading

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Elisa Strozyk

Elisa Strozyk‘s Wooden Textiles are a manifestation of how waste can be the source of a new process of creativity and innovation.  While attending the Central Saint Martins London to … Continue reading

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Encaustic tile

Producing encaustic tile uses less energy than firing ceramic tiles does, and the materials are natural. The design layer is typically created by pouring a mixture of Portland cement, marble … Continue reading

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According to Panda

  Society6 Etsy Cargo

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Marrakech Design

Marrakech Design is a Swedish company specialized in encaustic cement tiles. The tiles are made by hand according to a production process developed in southern France towards the end of the … Continue reading

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Berit Mogensen Lopez

Berit Mogensen Lopez is a Danish designer with a background within art, fashion and textiles which also becomes visible in the pictures that she makes exclusively for Stilleben. Each picture … Continue reading

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Owen Jones

Designs for Tiles, watercolor, 1849 “One of the key outcomes of Jones’s and Goury’s work at the Alhambra was their sustained research into Islamic tile design. Jones soon realised the … Continue reading

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