Spring 2013


A couple weeks ago I made the decision to integrate color into my thesis work. This is saying a lot for a person who’s spent the past 5 months fixated … Continue reading

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Laser Etching

On Thursday I began making some progress with laser etching. I tested two different power/speed strength combinations and wasn’t fully happy with either one but now I have the chance … Continue reading

October 5, 2013 · 1 Comment

Technical Information

This post is for my own reference regarding my tape casting clay body recipe and firing schedule. “More Vitreous” Tape Casting Body 12% Alumina 50% Nepheline Syenite 38% Silica Tape … Continue reading

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Shades of Grey

When I began tape casting this summer I pictured my final products to have a uniformly pristine surface void of color or pattern. As time went on and I finally … Continue reading

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