Spring 2013

Chad Curtis

I’ve been looking at the work of Chad Curtis for exhibition inspiration, most importantly the construction of my busts. Chad is working on a much larger scale than I intend … Continue reading

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Naomi Faith

Enacting the Flesh: Bone Thief “In contemporary Western society, a postmenopausal woman has a one in four chance of contracting a type of osteoporosis in the latter part of her … Continue reading

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Susannah Mira

Susannah Mira’s work alters and re-contextualizes common objects and environments, giving form to issues raised by the promises of progress. The resultant sculptural installations rely on recognizable structures in uncommon … Continue reading

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Anni Albers, “Tactile Sensibility”

in Selected Writings on Design: “We will try to approach material with just this in mind: to discover its inherent surface quality or the one which we might be about … Continue reading

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Anni Albers

Anni Albers, “Material as Metaphor’” in Selected Writings on Design: “How do we choose out specific material, our means of communication? “Accidentally.” Something speaks to us, a sound, a touch, … Continue reading

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