Spring 2013

Francis Bitoni – Buried Textiles

These textiles were developed for Katie Gallagher’s Autumn/winter 2013 Collection. Francis Bitonti Studio collaborated with Katie Gallagher to realize these laser wool textiles. The ambition for the project was to … Continue reading

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Francis Bitonti – “Dita’s Gown”

Francis A. Bitonti is a designer and researcher based in New York. Currently Francis is the founding principal of Francis Bitonti Studio, an interdisciplinary design studio working across scales and … Continue reading

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Susannah Mira

Susannah Mira’s work alters and re-contextualizes common objects and environments, giving form to issues raised by the promises of progress. The resultant sculptural installations rely on recognizable structures in uncommon … Continue reading

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Leanie van der Vyver

Last Thursday I had a group critique with some people from my BFA Seminar class. The group was diverse, a painting major, two photography majors, a graphic design major and … Continue reading

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Li Xiaofeng

Li Xiaofeng is Beijing artist who creates clothing piece made from traditional chinese ceramics. He makes the clothing from ceramic shards coming from the song, ming, yuan and qing dynasties, … Continue reading

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According to Panda

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Images from Ikats: Woven Silks from Central Asia, The Rau Collection Woman in Bokhara, c.1880 “Ikat fabric was used for centuries in the traditional garments and furnishings of Central Asian peoples … Continue reading

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