Spring 2013


A couple weeks ago I made the decision to integrate color into my thesis work. This is saying a lot for a person who’s spent the past 5 months fixated … Continue reading

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Holes and Mishima

In the past couple weeks I’ve been making headway with my finishing techniques and construction methodology. I purchased a Dremel and jewelry-scale drill bits to more efficiently make consistent, refined … Continue reading

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Andrew Martin Critique

This past week Andrew Martin was a visiting artist at our studio and I had the opportunity to have a short critique with him. He gave me a lot of … Continue reading

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Mishima Tests: Pre-Firing

A couple of weeks ago I posted the results of my underglaze tests¬†and briefly mentioned my plans to use the underglaze with a mishima process in conjunction with laser etching. … Continue reading

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Underglaze Results

The results of my underglaze tests were not very successful. Not only did the underglaze not fuse well to the clay, it literally came off in sheets. The Pearl Grey … Continue reading

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Islamic Tiles – Part 1

This past week I went on a pretty heavy floral-motif Islamic tile binge looking for source material for some thesis-related ideas. This post is limited to blue and white designs. … Continue reading

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Shades of Grey

When I began tape casting this summer I pictured my final products to have a uniformly pristine surface void of color or pattern. As time went on and I finally … Continue reading

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Fatimid luster dish with a female figure holding a cup “Fatimid art, more than any other art in the history of Islamic Egypt, has dedicated a remarkable place to female … Continue reading

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Martin Anderson

Martin Anderson is a ¬†recent graduate from our Metals Department. I was directed towards his work this summer because coincidentally he and I are working along a similar vein of … Continue reading

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Binary Adornment: The Applications of Generative Modeling and Ceramic Tape Casting

In May Bryan and I were awarded the Summer Undergraduate Research Experience Grant. Applying for the grant was probably the best decision I’ve made in my time here at New … Continue reading

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