Spring 2013

Underglaze Results

IMGP3517-1The results of my underglaze tests were not very successful. Not only did the underglaze not fuse well to the clay, it literally came off in sheets. The Pearl Grey underglaze I mixed came off in one solid piece, while the other two tests flaked, curled and jumped off the test tiles. More than likely the underglaze needs more flux in the recipe to fuse to my clay body. According to Baileys, a good place to start mixing stain and flux is 85% Frit 3124 with 15% stain. I’m not sure if this will yeild a more successful underglaze but I am most interested to see what the results may be  if I could use it with my “mishima” process, wiping it into laser etched lines.

IMGP3519-1I was happy with the colored clay in two shades – Pearl Grey and Grey 4115. The Pearl Grey is the closest I have come to achieving the soft grey color that I’m looking for. I intended to continue working with grey stains in my clay body, testing Silver 6530 and Neutral Grey 6572 but unfortunately those colors AND Pearl Grey have all been discontinued. Precisely my luck. I will be doing some ebay/internet digging to see if I can get my hands on grey mason stains to continue staining the clay body. Additionally, I will work with some store-bought Velvet underglazes to see how well they fuse to my  body and what range of grey I can achieve.

2 comments on “Underglaze Results

  1. saramourton
    October 8, 2013

    Adding flux to the underglazes should work. I also use gerstley borate but frit is probably less prone to bubbling. Last year, Julianna had the same problem when Bermuda Green Mason Stain. However, it turned out that it was only that Bailey had stopped carrying it. They list products as discontinued when they’ve simply stopped ordering them. You may be able to get them from another source. Michael said that he’d order Bermuda from somebody else; maybe he could check on your greys?

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